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Mounting Your Orchid on a Kool-Log

You will need the following items:

• Monofilament Fishing Line  - 12 to 15 Lb. test seems to work well
• A small amount of sphagnum moss
• Scissors

At Kool-Logs we mount hundreds of orchids at a time and the following method works very well for us:

1. Begin by removing any old potting mix from your plant and trimming off any dead roots. Soaking the plant in water for 10 to 15 minutes will aid in removal of the old mix and will make the roots more pliable for mounting on the Kool-Log.​

2. Also soak a small amount of sphagnum moss in water.
We find New Zealand long fiber sphagnum to be superior to other types of moss.

3. Select a Kool-Log size based on the size of the orchid you are mounting and it’s growth habit.
For creepers, mount low on the log. For others I like to have the base of the plant about half way up the log, leaving room at the bottom for about half  or more of the existing root mass length. The new roots will not extend down as far since they will want to stay close to the Kool-Log.

4. Tie a slipknot in the monofilament line leaving about a four-inch tail of line.

5. Slip the loop with the knot over the bottom of the log and tighten the knot up so that the knot is on the opposite side from where you will mount the orchid.

6. Squeeze the excess water out of a small amount of moss and place a thin bed of moss from top to bottom on one side of the log. This pad of moss should be fairly thin and only needs to go about 1/3 around the log. It will be directly opposite of the knot and under where you will mount the orchid.

7. Press this wet moss into the grooves of the log with your hand.

8. Wind the fishing line around the log from bottom to top and back down to the bottom securing the moss to the log. 4 or 5 turns of line up and then back down the log should be plenty. This will secure the moss in place and will make it easier to get the orchid into position without the moss moving.

9. Now position the orchid on the log.
Use the same criteria as I mentioned above to position your orchid on the Kool-Log.

10. While holding the orchid in position, place a second thin pad of moss over the roots.

11. Secure the moss and orchid to the Kool-Log by continuing to wind with monofilament line. Your goal is to hold the orchid firmly in place with no movement. This will prevent damage to newly emerging roots. If the orchid wiggles you need to secure it more tightly. Also make sure that you don’t place line over the area where new growth will emerge as it may restrict new growths.

12. You should now have the orchid mounted and you should be back down at the bottom with your fishing line.

13. While holding the wrapped line securely with your finger, turn the orchid over and find you original starting knot.

14. If the tail of this beginning knot is hidden under your wrapping, just use a pointed object to pull it back out.

15. Clip this end of your line leaving about 4” of excess past the original knot.

16. Take this end of the line and slip it through the Y that was formed by the original knot. If you have it in the right place you should be able to pull the beginning tail and the ending tail together and tighten them much like when tying your shoelaces.

17. After firming up the wrapping, tie three knots in the fishing line.
Then just clip off the excess leaving about ½ “ on each tail to tidy up your mounted orchid.

18. Don’t forget to reattach your label and you are all done.

With a little practice you will be able to do this entire process in less than 5 minutes. And as with all orchids, mounting is best done just as new growth and new roots are forming. If you mount at this opportune time you should have little or no setback of your plant. I hope this helps and good growing.

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