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What are Kool-Logs?

Kool-Logs are the result of over 30 years of experience in growing cooler climate orchids in the difficult climate of the Southeastern United States.

Kool-Logs provide several essential elements necessary for better growing of rainforest orchids.

• a better mounting surface and superior aeration of the roots
• continuous even moisture to the roots
• cooler temperatures at the roots
• decreased frequency of remounting / repotting

Kool-Logs are ceramic and cast from actual tree limbs. They provide the rough surface that most orchid roots find so attractive to cling to.  Because orchids are mounted on the outside surface of Kool-Logs you get far superior aeration of the roots. And since there is no potting mix used...only moss, there is a less frequent need to remount the orchid due to a decline of the moss.

How do Kool-Logs Cool?

Kool-Logs do not rely on a mechanical, but rather a natural process called evaporative cooling. As moisture transpires through the walls of the Kool-Log, it moistens the outer surface of the Kool-Log. This moisture then evaporates into the surrounding air and in the process, carries away heat from the Kool-Log surface.

There are several factors that affect the rate of evaporation and the amount of temperature drop you might see:

• The evaporation rate is increased at higher temperatures and thus the
Kool-Log is more effective in the summer when we need the cooling the most.
• Evaporation occurs faster with a larger surface area. Since the entire outer surface area of the
Kool-Log is moist, you get cooling at the maximum rate possible.


What's Growing & Blooming on Kool-Logs?


Some examples of the orchids that we are currently growing on Kool-Logs. Click on an image to enlarge and see name.

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